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3/4 Sunglo Reflective Dog Collar with Name Plate

Item Code: 34-ref-sunglo
$9.99, 6/$50.00, 12/$92.00
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Our 3/4 inch wide reflective sunglo dog collar will help your dog be seen at night.
This polyurethane coated nylon dog collar will glow when a car light or a flashlight shines on it.
Each dog collar has a reflective stripe that turns a bright white when it is reflecting lights.

Our sunglo collar is available in colors Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Black, Pink, Purple and Yellow and in sizes 16, 18 and 20.
Our collar is soil, odor resistant and water repellent and can be cut off and have holes added.

This reflective dog collar is available in 2 styles.
102D-RF Regular D (ring behind buckle.)
112D-RF Center Ring (ring in center of collar)
The Center ring collar has the ring in the center of the collar and does not have a D ring behind the buckle...

To get correct collar size, please measure your dogs neck.

Sizes 16 fits 9.5 to 12 inch neck.
Size 18 fits 10.5 to 14 inch neck.
Size 20 fits 12.5 to 16 inch neck.
You can add another hole to this collar if it is a little too long, but you can not add more collar if the collar is too short.


For correct collar size you must measure your dog's neck.
There is no refund or exchange on dog collars with name plates attached.

Our stamping machine will stamp letters, dashes and phone numbers only
We can stamp 4 lines with 21 spaces on line 1 and 4 and 19 spaces on line 2 and 3.
Most usually put their name, city, state & phone number.

Customer Review
This reflective dog collar and name plates helps to keep my dog safe!

I just love the way the collar shows up when a light shines on it.
It gives me peace of mind to know that my name and phone number is on his collar just in case he gets lost.
Thank you for providing such a good collar.
Ann H, Seattle, Wa